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Life is Complicated

And so is the EB 5 Investment Visa Process

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2006, 2019

Job Creation Requirements For Your Investor Visa

Job Creation EB 5 Requirements

One of the most important steps toward obtaining your EB 5 visa or investor visa is making certain that your proposed business venture will include the creation of a minimum of 10 full time jobs.
These jobs must be accounted for whether you are doing the $1,000,000 investment or the $500,000 investment to start in a qualified U.S. location.

Job Creation

Specific jobs must be accounted for within the Business Plan or before the investor files their form I-526. Documenting the job creation comes prior to the two year conditional permanent residency period. Job Creation […]

1806, 2019

EB 5 Investment Program Job Types

EB 5 Investment Program Job Types

The EB 5 investment program for Indians (and others) allows for what is known as direct jobs and indirect jobs. And should be a part of your first Business Plan.

USCIS has specific criteria including economic models for how the required minimum of 10 full time jobs must be created. And in addition to direct and indirect jobs, the investor visa program allows for what are known as induced jobs.

Direct Jobs Under the EB 5 Investment Program

Direct jobs are clearly identifiable positions for qualified U.S. workers which are full time (35 to 40 hours […]

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